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Bournemouth's Home from Home for your Cat

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Items For Sale

We use and recommend these two great products both of which we sell at the cattery. To find out why we think they are so great please see our reviews below-


Friendly Natural Cat Litter


We use and recommend this great Eco-friendly product.   Free samples are available for you and your cat to try, next time you visit us at Westfield Cattery.






Cat Litter

Combining performance and care for the environment, this unique straw based cat litter with mint freshness has many benefits over traditionalcat litter.

Friendly cat litter is natural, clean, economical, environmentally friendly, bio-degradable, lightweight, non-mineral and three times more absorbent than traditional cat litters.


Directions for Use

Pour this cat litter into a clean litter tray to a depth of 1cm (½inch). Be careful not to overfill the tray asNatural Cat Litter expands when wet. Regularly remove solid waste and soiled pellets, replacing with fresh.


Natural Cat Litter is a fully bio-degradable product and can be easily disposed of by flushing down the toilet, digging into the garden or by burning. Occasionally cats may be reluctant to try new litter however as we use and recommend this litter at Westfield Cattery,  if your cat has stayed with us before, your cat is already used to Friendly Natural cat Litter.

Like us,  I am sure you will be impressed  by its long lasting freshness and ease of use, for your convenience, we are delighted to offer two bag sizes for our customers to purchase.

Small bag (3.2kg) - £4.00

Large bag (20kg) - £10.00


Froilcat Bolt

Available to Purchase from Westfield Cattery for just £12.99 - rrp £19.99


Frolicat Bolt - Much more fun than a piece of string

After trialing this and watching two of our regulars go bananas  as they chased this great new cat entertainment system we just had to get some in for our customers.
Guaranteed to keep your cat transfixed for hours, this award-winning high-tech device automatically projects random laser patterns around the room. Think of it as a futuristic take on the traditional ball of wool.

Its easy to use just switch it on and place it on a flat surface and it will fire its moggy/doggy-transfixing beam all over the place for 15 minutes before switching off.

Ideal for both large and small rooms as you can even adjust FroliCat’s internal mirror so that its beam flits across specific areas.

Battery powered and supremely portable, you can take this stylish device wherever your cat/dog happens to be lounging. Even bring it back to the Cattery next time your cat has its holiday with us.  In tests, eight out of ten owners said that their cats absolutely loved it. The other two were too busy laughing to comment. Meow!

Check out the Video on


Available to Purchase from Westfield Cattery for just £12.99 - rrp £19.99


Granny Annie's Delicious Homemade Chutney

With our beautiful garden and Bramley apple tree producing lots of apples we have decided to use an old family recipe to produce our much envied Granny Annie's Home Made Chutney.  Only available from Westfield Boarding Cattery, this morish blend of Bramley apples, onions, dates, sultanas, brown sugar and salt is ideal in a Ploughmans, to liven up cheese on toast or in a tasty mature chedder sandwich.  Produced in the hygienic conditions of Annes kitchen, no cats were harmed in the process of making this exciting  Vegetarian chutney!

 £1.50 per jar

We are also short of jam jars to recycle for the potting of this product so if you have some spare please bring them down and get a jar for the reduced price of £1