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Westfield Boarding Cattery

Bournemouth's Home from Home for your Cat

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I need to bring food?
  • Does my cat need to be inoculated before their stay?
  • Can I bring their bed or toys?
  • What happens if they are ill during their stay?
  • Will my cat be happy at Westfield?
  • Will Westfield administer long term medication for my cat?
  • Do you groom my cat during its holiday?

Will I need to bring cat food with me?
We stock Felix, Whiskers, Kitekat and other popular brands of wet food.  We also use Smilla dried food, which we have found over time to be the most popular.  If your cat is on a special diet or is a fussy eater you may wish to bring your own food with you.  Likewise, if you have a young cat who is on kitten food please bring your own.  We reserve the right to change your pet's food if they are not eating the food brought in with them.

Does my cat need inoculations before their stay?
All cats should have up to date inoculation's against feline enteritis and cat flu before their stay.  We also recommend a flea treatment and worming prior to their holiday with us. 

Can I bring my cats bed or toys?
 We recommend  and prefer getting your cat used to a cardboard box lined with newspaper to bring with you. Toys and scratching posts are also welcome. You are welcome to bring a bed or old blanket to help them settle, please do not wash them before bringing them in so they smell of home (please note we are unable to wash soiled bedding).

What happens if they are ill during their stay ?
We take a contact number for you and your usual vet's name.  In the unlikely event of your cat becoming ill,  the cat will be taken to your vet or Vets for Pets Moordown  and treated according to the vets recommendation. You will be liable for any vets cost incurred on your return.

Will my cat be happy at Westfield?
Cats are territorial creatures and settle quickly at our cattery.  We recommend not to feed them on the morning of their holiday before bringing them in as we welcome them with a tasty meal as this helps them settle quickly.  Once they work out they are warm and well fed and they realise there are no predators around they enjoy the peace and quiet we provide for their holiday with us.

Can you administer Medication?
We are able to administer some medication, such as tablets crushed in food or liquid medication, syringed into the mouth or on food.  Regrettably, we are unable to give injections or tablets given whole by mouth unless they are the easy to give tasty variety.  Please ring Anne and Darren on 01202 301148 for more information. 

Do you groom my cat during its holiday?

We do routinely groom all our holiday makers if they enjoy a good brush.  We use and recommend 'Zoom Groom' brushes.  You can bring your own grooming kit if preferred.  Any cats in poor condition with matting and knots get special attention during their stay, however, if we have to spend a long time to get the coat into good condition we appreciate a small donation. 

What do I need to bring with me?

Our 'All Inclusive' price of just £8 per night includes food, all bowls, toys, litter, heating, love, cuddles and attention.  We recommend you bring a cardboard box lined with newspaper which the cat has slept for a few days before to have as a disposable cat bed.  You are welcome to bring a cat bed or blanket if you prefer, however, we do not have washing facilities for these items so do this at your own risk.