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A Boarders Diary
Tuesday 26th June
8.30am - Woke up after a lovely peaceful nights sleep by Anne, this lovely lady brought me my favourite food.  What a huge breakfast! Just what I need after a relaxing night's sleep.  She tops up my biscuits and checked my water bowl is filled up with rainwater which she collects especially for me.

9.30am - Anne came back and had a lovely talk with me while checking my dirt box and changing it so I have got lovely clean litter.  They have great cat litter here, its called Natural litter and its made from straw.  It looks like little grass pellets and smells lovely.  I must ask my owner to buy some from here as its clean, hygienic and compostable.

10am - Anne comes in again and asks me whether I would like a brush and cuddle.  It's great here as if I want attention I can always get fussing, but if I just want to sleep I do not get disturbed.

11am - Anne comes round with some people who want to board their cat here, she is always happy to show owners round.  I tell them how happy I am by rolling around on the floor and purring but they just think I am being friendly!

12.30pm - I settle down for a lovely long sleep in the sun.  It is so nice as we have lots of different levels I can choose, the top level overlooks a window and in this block, I can look out and see the field behind.  I have seen people walking their dogs in the distance (dogs are so silly!) I have also seen pheasants, fox cubs, and other wild animals.                               


3pm - Its a hard life, I had a stretch and have a scratch on my scratch mat which Anne thoughtfully provides, and decide to change position and go in the middle sleeping area.  There is a lovely cardboard box lined with newspaper which is very cosy.  In the winter when I come here there is a heated mat underneath, it's just like sitting on my owner's lap.                                 

7pm - Darren comes out to check we are all happy and well fed, refilling my bowl with more food, he talks to us all and then wishes us a good night.  It's great that they live here as they check on us all the time.  It's lovely to know I am safe and secure and well loved on my holidays. 

The Cattery
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